Technology Requires Story
Innovation requires a story to show the customer what technology actually does. A story connects the product with the audience. No one can say with certainty which new products or services a company might offer in five years. Brands that are open to change need to have a flexible story to quickly seize new opportunities in the marketplace.
A Commitment To Recognizable Content
Your communication is an asset that needs to be nurtured and protected. Building your brand enhances your customer experience requiring desire for integrity and relevance. A careful balance between control and creativity makes it possible to achieve specific goals.
Look And Feel
The look and feel is the visual language that makes a system proprietary and immediately recognizable. It also expresses a point of view. This content is what makes your marketing cohesive and differentiated from the competition.
Within the category of content–style, focus and color all need to be considered whether the imagery is photography, illustration or iconography.
Companies incorporate typefaces families. It is not unusual for a special typeface to be designed for a high visibility brand.
Doing Good Is Good Business
All companies including CleanTech start-ups, public corporations and non-profit organizations deserve content that is reflective of their mission and the audience being served.
Making a difference has become essential to building a brand. Consumers are shopping their values and businesses are rethinking their value propositions. The triple bottom line: people, planet and profit–are the new business model representing a fundamental shift in how businesses measure success.